Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 18

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Spectre Jones

Sleeping Wolf – Get You Alone
Maci and Taylor play with the kids at home.

Moving Castles – Honestly
Mackenzie gets an ultrasound.

Bird Passengers – Brave the Dark
Tyler and Nova put presents under the Christmas tree.

Jules Larson – Right on the Money
Amber is upset with Gary because he won’t switch custody weekends with her.

Lybecker – Wild Hearts
Maci helps Bentley with his homework.

Medic – Rebuild
Ryan’s dad encourages him to stay sober.

Go Periscope – Burning Out the Sun
Maci has lunch with her mom.

Fort Frances -You Got the Wrong Man
Maci voices her concern over Ryan’s sobriety.

Storm Circus -Different
Catelynn drops Nova off at school.

Tatiana -New Love
Catelynn makes the decision to go back to treatment.

Spectre Jones – Sturdy
End Montage.



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