Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 17

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Viv and the Revival

Rough Nights – Feeling So Good
Amber’s pregnancy is making her get sick.

Astro Lasso – Do Right and Let It Go
Amber’s cousin, Krystal, cooks her dinner at home.

Festive People – Boxcar
Maci and Taylor talk to their kids about adoption.

Kylie Hughes – Gotta Get Out
Tyler and his sister, Amber, check into a hotel before visiting Butch in rehab.

Grand Am  – All That I Ever Do
Tyler and his sister talk about Butch’s progress on their way to see him.

Flora Cash – Bundle Up
Ryan and Mackenzie give their dog a bath.

Stephen Conley – Mountain Mover
Taylor researches adoption services.

Viv and the Revival – Perfect High
Amber picks up Leah from Gary’s house so they can go shopping.

Lion S – Not To Be Alone
End Montage.



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