Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 14

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: London Yorke

Dresses – Sun Shy
Amber and her boyfriend talk to producers about the theme of the baby’s nursery.

Christoffer Franzen – Wide Awake Up Close
Gary finds out the results of his paternity test.

Bearcat – Live Loud
Maci attends a survivalist training camp.

The Weather – Setting Up Time
Maci meets her training instructor, Andrew.

Storm Circus  – Different
Gary has a talk with Jody.

Jason Zerbin – Come Down
Jody reacts to the news of the paternity test.

Karl Kling – When I See You Again
Producers have to talk with Farrah about her future on the show.

The East Coast – Straight from the Fire
Amber and Andrew paint the baby’s nursery.

Meghan & Lucas – Player 2
Amber and Andrew look at different baby cribs.

Lavoy – Here Comes the Night
Maci talks to her friend the night before she leaves.

London Yorke – Raise Up the Flag
Tylor consoles Nova after she can’t show Catelynn her drawing.

STONE – Won’t Forget My Name
End Montage.


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