Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 13

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Lauren Mann 

Lauren Mann  – New Beginning
Farrah goes house hunting in L.A.

FLORIO – Take Me Back
Maci talks to her friends about her medical condition.

Layup – It’s About Time
Gary and Kristina talk to Leah about her family tree.

Seawaves – Birthday Party at Sun Centre
Gary talks about his biological father.

Intergalactix  – The New Sound
Maci visits the doctor

Broken Bellows – Somebody New
Farrah explains why she doesnt like an MTV producer.

Bearcat – Live Loud
Gary talks about taking a DNA test.

Meghan & Lucas – Sink or Swim
Gary and Jody leave the house to take the DNA test.

Bien – This is the Best Part
Tyler talks to an MTV producer about Catelynn’s emotional state.

The House on Montery – Swells
Catelynn leaves for a treatment facility.

Tatiana – Is Never Will
Catelynn is emotional on her way to the airport.

Jordana – Here’s To You
Maci talks to an MTV producer about her PCOS.

Zayde Wolf – Brave
An MTV producer drops Catelynn and Tyler off at the treatment facility.


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