Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 12

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Coyote Talk

Hidden State  – Yours To Take
Gary and Kristina talk about Leah’s upcoming birthday party.

Ghostas – Supernova
Catelynn takes care of Nova while Tyler drops his dad off at rehab.

Nicholas Roberts – River to a Flood
Amber tells an MTV producer the gender of the baby.

The Run Up – Make It
Ryan walks to the alter at his wedding.

Grackus L Ray – Say You’ll Be
Mackenzie’s dad walks her down the aisle.

Bird Passengers – Safety In
Farrah visits a doctor in Los Angeles.

Stephen Conely – Take My Hand
Ryan and Mackenzie celebrate at their wedding reception.

Imaginary Future – Part of the Moon
Butch checks in to rehab.

Graham Colton – Where You Wanna Go
Ryan and Mackenzie cut the wedding cake.

Picture of the Sun – Everytime
Gary and Kristina talk about Leah’s party.

Coyote Talk – Shangri-La
Catelynn gives Nova a bath.


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