Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 11

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Nicholas Roberts

Meghan & Lucas  – Spinning
Catelynn and Tyler tell their family shocking news.

Bloke & Bird – Kiss My Lips
Mackenzie gets her son ready to go trick or treating

MyKey – Monsters in the Dark
Mackenzie and Ryan head over to Maci’s so they can all go trick or treating together.

Nik Frietas – Safe Inside
Butch talks to Tyler about going to rehab.

The Technicolors – Metaphysical
Amber and Andrew go to their first Dr.’s appointment.

Crusoe – Just Move
Tyler talks to a rehab counselor.

SAILE – Bend & Break
Tyler picks up his dad before he goes to rehab.

Billy and the Firm – Better Than You
Farrah talks to her dad about the last conversation she had with her mom.

UMM – Oh Yes No
Ryan and Mackenzie talk about their disappointment over Halloween.

Nicholas Roberts – Still Believe
End Montage.


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