Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 7, Episode 1

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Kaleigh Rae

Grouplove – Welcome To Your Life
Catching up with Maci.

Joel Adam Russell – Tonight is the Night
The moms reunite in New York for the reunion show.

Austin Bello – Like An Animal
Amber talks about her struggles with Matt during the reunion.

Animal Fiction – We’ll Be Alright
Farrah gets ready for her birthday party.

CHVRCHES – Clearest Blue
Farrah arrives at her 26th birthday party.

Youth – New Frontier
Catelynn and Tyler visit their new home.

Kari Kimmel – Slow Down Love
Mackenzie talks to her friend before visiting Ryan in rehab.

Big Little Lions – The Way Home
Catelynn visits the horse stable

Bethany Larson & the Bees Knees – Good Thing
Catelynn and Tyler talk about her new horse.

Maple & Beach – Wedding Season
Farrah celebrates her birthday.

Wanderer – Welcome to the Wild
Butch comes over to Catelynn and Tyler’s house.

Troubles – Come Back
Butch and Tyler talk about the new house.

Michael Logan – I Want You (And Your Heart Of Gold)
They have a heart to heart conversation about Butch’s situation.

Brain Tan – I’d Really Like To Slow Down
Maci talks to her friend about Ryan.

Pom Pom – Gimmie You
Farrah talks to her dad about the incident in New York.

Kyle Morton – Automatic
Farrah gets upset after talking about David.

Canopy Climbers – Secret
Catelynn and Tyler talk about Butch’s visit.

Alma Mater – Solid Ground
Tyler talks about his dad.

Kaleigh Rae – Watch Me Burn
End Montage.


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