Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 9

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Seawaves


Weekender – “My Only Dream”
Maci talks to her friend about Ryan’s fight with his parents

Meghan and Lucas – “Sink and Swim”
Farrah and her parents help set up her new frozen yogurt shop

Nik Freitas – “Who Took the Fun Out”
Maci helps Bentley make a Father’s Day gift for Taylor

Galleries – “Wilderness Song”
Amber talks about her meeting with a weight loss specialist

Masakichi – “Hummingbird”
Matt talks about Amber’s recent eating habits

Tyson Motsenbocker – “In Your Name”
Tyler vents to his friend about his frustrations with Catelynn

Sons of London – “Russian Roulette”
Farrah shows off the store’s funky sunglasses to her employee

My Red + Blue – “Color”
Amber, Matt, and Leah spend the day at the batting cages

Romes – “Spend the Night”
Farrah and her family go out to dinner

Novah – “Alaska”
Amber is frustrated with her new diet plan

Seawaves – “Castles in Air”
End montage

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