Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 3

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: My Red + Blue

red and blue

Broken Fires – “Out of the Woods”
Catelynn explains the complicated relationship between Brandon and Teresa

Seawaves – “Animals”
Amber shows the producers her new ring

The Teen Age – “Matador”
Maci and Taylor break the baby news to Bentley

Crookes – “I Wanna Waste My Time on You”
Farrah leaves the doctor’s office

Phillip LaRue – “Sweet Love”
Farrah and Sophia visit Derek’s grave

The Futures League – “Sandy”
Catelynn talks to her friend Alexa about her call with Teresa

Romes – “Deja Vu”
Maci and Taylor tell their friends about their pregnancy

Adult Books – “Suburban Girlfriend”
Maci talks to Ryan and his family about the news

Young Girls – “Texas”
Matt drives Amber to Massachusetts to meet his family

Torches – “Black Magic”
Farrah talks to her cousin over dinner

Oktoba – “Run”
Ryan’s parents talk about wanting the best for his future

Bird – “Dorothia”
Amber meets Matt’s family for dinner

Kid Runner – “Sleepytown”
Matt and Amber go whale watching

Jessica Lamb – “Just Don’t Have the Time”
Maci talks about having “baby brain” with a producer

My Red & Blue – “Don’t Say You’re Leaving”
End montage

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