Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 27

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist:Sleeping Wolf

Vacationer – Everyone Knows
Farrah is still with her family in Key West and is annoyed with her mom’s fiancè.

STONE – Time Is Now
Taylor plays baseball with Bentley in the front yard.

The House of Monterey – Vesper
Maci talks to her friend about her fear over Ryan’s issues.

The Pocket Rockets – No Control
Catelynn and Tyler drop Nova off at daycare.

National Skyline – Fever Dreams
Amber and Matt are in LA for the MTV Movie Awards.

Bryce – Go
Amber talks to Kailyn of teen Mom about her relationship with Matt.

AJ Edwards – Elizabeth
Catelynn visits the horse stable.

Chris Koza– Be Wild
Catelynn learns how to saddle up a horse.

Fabio Lagarda – Party All Night
MTV Movie Awards montage.

Tents – The Hush
Mackenzie goes by the bridal shop.

The Cabin Kids – Shots Fired
Farrah spends time with Simon in Key West.

flora cash – We Will Never Be This Young
Matt takes a polygraph test.

Carmen Rosa – Leave Me Lonely
Ryan and Mackenzie celebrate something special.

Sleeping Wolf – Wreck of Our Hearts
End Montage.



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