Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 24

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Sundara Karma

Imaginary Future – Long Road Home
Amber reads Leah’s school assignment aloud to Matt

Tourist on Film – By Your Side
Ryan and Mackenzie talk about their upcoming wedding

Western Runners – Right Here
Maci talks to Bentley about using the bathroom at school

Skilly – Feelin Alright
Nova plays with a giant stuffed animal horse

Maryanne – Here’s to Goodbye
Catelynn talks about the struggle to get visitation time with Carly

Seawaves – Hello
Farrah uses a dating app in LA

Canopy Climbers – Magnetic
Farrah talks to MTV producers about her dating life

From Indian Lakes – Come Back
Catelynn and Tyler talk about not seeing Carly in two years

Sundara Karma – Loveblood
Amber and Matt stop by Gary’s house, and Matt makes fun of Gary’s clothes

The Shutup Season – Peter Pan
Catelynn visits Blue Water pregnancy center

Sundara Karma – A Young Understanding
Farrah gets ready for an appearance on a dating game show

Dead Beach – Just Go With Him
Farrah enjoys a date with her game show contestant choice

National Skyline – Girls
Amber gives Leah a makeover

Rich Jacques & Katherine Shorr – Tick Tock
Amber talks to Leah about being a boss and growing up

The Donnies the Amys – Foxtails
Maci and Taylor are exhausted after watching the kids

Ships Have Sailed – Out of Time
Farrah returns to Austin

COAV – California
Farrah decides between moving to LA or San Diego

Weekend Giants – I’m Gonna Live
Matt picks Leah up from karate practice

Sundara Karma – The Night
End Montage

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