Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 21

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Maria Taylor


Valise – Monster
Tyler talks to Catelynn about his dad’s shocking news.

Matthew Mayfield – Merry Go Round
Deborah tries to convince Farrah to accept her boyfriend.

Weekend Giants – Do My Own Thing
Matt cooks for Amber while she works on her fashion line.

Arvi – The Law
Deborah and her boyfriend talk to MTV producers.

The Rival – Desert
Mackenzie talks to Ryan and her parents about her conversation with Maci.

Fire in the Radio – Drug Life
Butch calls Dr. Drew.

Frankel – Dust Cloud
Dr. Drew gives Butch some inspiring advice.

Zayde Wølf – Army
Maci and Taylor get trapped in an escape room.

Go Periscope – Let Me Know
Amber goes dress shopping with a friend.

Braden Mitchell – Endless Sky
The girls get to the bridal boutique.

WTHR – Fighter
Farrah and her mom talk about last night’s dinner.

Magic Giant – Nothing Left
Tyler has a conversation with his dad.

The Written Years – Hospital Rooms
Taylor picks Bentley up from Ryan’s parent’s house.

Maria Taylor – Home
End Montage.

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