Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 2

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: WILDES


Brian Tan – “Alive”
Farrah decorates for Sophia’s birthday party

Ryan Traster – “Wayward Life”
Amber and Matt have dinner with Matt’s friend

The Silent Life – “Beating of Your Heart”
Maci and Taylor talk about the wedding while Bentley spends the time with Ryan

Kid Runner – “Thinking Out Loud”
Catelynn and Tyler check out their new house

Logan Vath – “Every Town”
Matt confides in his friend about media pressure

Escondido – “Gambling Man”
Simon shows up to Sophia’s birthday party

The Silent War – “No One’s Coming”
Bently tells Maci she’s fat

Two Cheers – “Brinka”
Ryan talks to his friend about introducing new girlfriends to Bentley

The Rival – “Your Sun”
Catelynn can’t get out of bed

Colours – “Remember”
Matt and his friend get tattoos

Cozy Hawks – “Tornado”
Deborah and Simon make amends

Nik Freitas – “With You”
Maci and Taylor take Jayde out

Zerbin – “It’s Not The End Child”
Farrah, Simon, and Deborah find dirt on Amber’s fiance

Quiet Arrows – “You Are My Planet”
Farrah and Amber talk on the phone

Two Cheers – “Life is Full”
Maci and Taylor hang out at home

Wildes – “Bare”
End Montage

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