Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 19

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: OWEL


Kid Prism – Do What You Feel
Farrah hosts a party at her furniture store.

The Teen Age – Ventura
Amber does work online for her new boutique.

Dustin Paul – Beautiful Life
Matt surprises Amber with a Christmas gift.

COAV – Phenomenon
Tyler packs for a surprise trip Catelynn has planned.

Paw City – Someday I’ll Feel
A producer visits Ryan at his house.

Weekend Giants – Feels Like Magic
Farrah goes house hunting.

Magic Giant – Jade
Tyler and Catelynn board the plane for the surprise trip.

The Elwins – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over
Catelynn makes Tyler guess what they’re doing on their vacation.

Humming House – Be Here Right Now
Farrah continues to look for houses.

Inland Sky – Magnificent
Farrah takes a tour of a potential property.

Ships Have Sailed – Summertime Matt Chiarrell Remix
Amber and Matt drop Leah off at Gary’s house.

Saxon – Passengers
Tyler and Catelynn enjoy a break in a hot spring

Lakeland – I’m Brave
Mackenzie talks to Ryan about Christmas plans.

OWEL – Paper Hands
Ryan takes Mackenzie out on a very special date.

Brain Tan – Moth
Farrah has dinner with Simon and his friends.

Distant Cousins – Good Day
Catelynn and Tyler enjoy more activities on their vacation.

Firewoodisland – Domo
Amber is emotional after dropping Leah off at Gary’s.

Ash Gale – Set Me Down
End Montage.

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