Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 18

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Bird Passengers


Son & Thief – You Don’t Want To Do That
Catelynn changes Nova’s diaper.

Kid Prism – Follow Me
Maci relaxes at home with her kids.

Brian Tan – Leave Today
Maci doesn’t know how tot tell Ryan about Bentley’s Thanksgiving choice.

Weekend Giants – Go Go Go
Catelynn and Tyler throw a party for Nova’s 2nd birthday.

Western Runners– Right Here
Amber and Matt go shopping for Leah’s birthday.

Alma Mater – Life is Beautiful
Farrah and Sophia get their nails done.

Bird Passengers – The Original
Sophia tells Farrah what she wants in her new house.

The Futures League – How Old R U?
Maci play wrestles with Bentley.

Cynnamon – Dancing in the Sun
Everyone hangs out after Nova’s birthday party.

Map & Scout – Focus On
Amber and Gary throw Leah a surprise birthday party together.

Humming House – Be Here Right Now
Ryan and his girlfriend talk about Thanksgiving plans.

Distant Cousins – Good Day
Catelynn and Tyler clean up after Nova had a “potty” accident.

Meghan & Lucas – Wildfire
Farrah stops by her children’s boutique, Sophia Laurent.

Ash Gale – Heaven Hours
End Montage.

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