Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 17

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Western Scene


Saxon – Passenger
Maci gives Maverick a bath.

Weekend Giants – Let’s Go
Montage of Bentley’s past birthday parties.

Magic Giant– The Dawn
Maci and Taylor talk about Bentley growing older

Fire in the Radio – Drug Life
Amber invites Gary and Kristina to hang out over the weekend.

Honoraries – Something More
Catelynn and Tyler finally move into their new house.

National Skyline – Her Blues
Simon talks to her employees at Farrah’s furniture store.

Map & Scout -Get Moving
Ryan’s girlfriend gives his wardrobe a makeover.

Western Scene – Going Back
Tyler picks up hi dad from prison.

Jenny & Tyler– Once Again
Tyler takes his dad home.

BXNES – Upland
Farrah and Sophia talk about the new nanny.

Dead Beach – Ride My Ferris Wheel
Amber, Matt, Gary, Kristina and Leah go to the Haunted Hayride.

Fort Frances – Building a Wall
Tyler takes his dad to his new house

Seawaves – Butterflies & Dragon
Amber drops Leah off at Gar’s house.

Tyler Shamy – Could Have Been
Amber and Gary have a good conversation about Leah’s upcoming birthday

Nathan Mathes – Bantam Boys
Farrah and Simon talk about past issues.

The New Velvet – Lucky Day
Bentley celebrates his 8th birthday.

Branches – Should We Let the Fire Die?
Tyler lets Butch stay at their old house.

Young Summer – Leave Your Love
End Montage.

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