Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 16

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Maria Taylor


Bear Hands – Boss
Farrah gets Sophia ready for her photoshoot

Ships Have Sailed – Midnight
Catching up with Maci and Taylor

Galleries – Great Comets of 1910
Catelynn and Tyler attempt to potty train Nova

Jenny and Tyler – Song For You
Catelynn and Tyler talk about Butch being in prison

Armors – Remedy
Ryan and his girlfriend have lunch

BOYTOY – Poison Breeder
Farrah checks in on her other businesses

Celebration Guns – The Volunteer
Catelynn and Tyler carve pumpkins with Nova

Little Hurricane – Summer Air
Amber texts Gary to see if Leah can stay the night

The Written Years– You’re Too Kind
Tyler meets with his therapist

ROMES – Believe
Maci and Taylor get the kids ready for Halloween

WTHR – I Feel Alright
Bentley heads out to go trick or treating

Maria Taylor – Needed To
Maci and Taylor talk about the day’s events

Branches – It Won’t Be Long
Tyler talks to Catelynn about his therapy appointment

James Grundler – Crazy
End Montage

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