Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 12

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Longfellow


Atomic Tom – “Touch”
Farrah and Sophia visit Derek’s family in Missouri

Randall Kent – “Wreck My Heart”
Farrah talks to Derek’s family about her relationship with Simon

The Futures League – “Figure It Out”
Bentley spends time at Ryan’s parent’s house

Ghostel – “So Annoying”
Amber and Matt are in Los Angeles and plan to spend more time with Matt’s son

National Skyline – “All Good Now”
Catelynn and Tyler taste their one-year-old wedding cake

Chris Arena – “Extraordinary”
Maci and Taylor pick Bentley up from Ryan’s parent’s house

Meghan and Lucas – “Player 2”
Farrah talks to Sophia about their visit with Derek’s family

Great Pagans – “Teenage Silhouettes”
Catelynn and Tyler drop Nova off at Catelynn’s mom’s house

SEAWAVES – Sons and Daughters”
Ryan goes over to his parent’s house to make amends

Patternist – “Youth”
Farrah’s mom comes to Texas to visit Farrah ahead of her furniture store’s grand opening

Joseph Keith – “Good Day”
Maci attends her bridal shower

Celebration Guns – “The Volunteer”
Deborah calls Farrah

Jennie Vee – “Wicked”
Farrah drives with her mom in the furniture delivery truck

Longfellow – “Choose”
End Montage

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