Music From Teen Mom OG: Season 6, Episode 1

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: ROMES


Alma Mater – “Overtime”
Producers arrive at Farrah’s house

The Crookes – “The World Is Waiting”
Producers arrive at Amber’s house

Little Hurricane  – “Haunted Heart”
One of Amber’s dogs has an accident

Weather Maps – “I Get You”
Amber, Matt & Leah go horseback riding

Nicknervous – “Human”
Matt gets an explosive phone call

Western Scene – “Going Back”
Tyler gives Nova a bath

White Sea – “Stay Young, Get Stoned”
Tyler and Catelynn talk about expanding their family

The Teen Age – “Stop”
Farrah hosts her first podcast

Young Rivals – “West Coast”
Amber talks to Gary on the way back from horseback riding

Nik Freitas – “Sand Mountain”
Gary talks to Kristina about the pending custody agreement

Adult Books – “Suburban Girlfriend”
Tyler visits his mom

Five Knives – “Wild Ones”
Farrah and Simon arrive at an open house

My Red + Blue – “Alive”
Simon and Farrah talk about her move to LA

Western Lows – “I Never Asked”
Amber admits to taking medication for depression

The Palms – “Breaking (In The Summer)”
Tyler and Catelynn meet up for dinner

Bows – “Everywhere”
Tyler and Catelynn agree that she needs to get healthy before having another baby

Escapists – “What Are You Waiting For”
Farrah takes a break from filming to chat with Sophia

Romes – “When the Night Comes”
Farrah has a friend over at her hotel

Volunteer – “Leap of Faith”
Tyler proposes

Michael Logan feat. Amy Stroup – “What Love Is”
The Moms reunite to film the aftershow

Catcher – “This Ground”
End Montage

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