Music From Teen Mom: OG, Episode 4

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Scars on 45

scars 2

Escapists – “Post Gospel Blues”
Maci and her boyfriend share some exciting news

Bestie – “Foolish Hearts”
Maci talks to her friend about breaking the news to Ryan

Schematic – “I Am the Car”
Catelynn goes to the doctor’s office

Max and the Moon – “Light House”
Amber goes to Nashville for her brother’s graduation

Los Waves – “Take My Hand”
Catelynn and Tyler leave the doctor’s office

Nik Freitas – “Who Let You In”
Gary and Leah spend time at his house and talk about baby #2

Sunderland – “Where Do You Go”
Maci and her friend catch up on the college campus

Close Talker – “Take It Back”
Amber gets back from Nashville

Holiday Friends – “Kayfabe”
Bentley’s 6th birthday party

Lights & Motion – “Glow”
While making baby shower preparations, Catelynn tells her family of plans to visit Carly

Ghastly Menace – “Children”
Maci talks to Bentley about the new baby

Speedmarket Avenue – “Goodbye”
Amber only talks to TMOG producer Heather about her frustrations

Scars on 45 – “My Eyes Are Still Bright”
End Montage

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