Music From Teen Mom: OG, Episode 13

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Vinyl Theatre

VT candid 2

Nik Freitas – “Who Let You In”
Catelynn is nervous about Tyler going to a strip club for his bachelor party

Dinner and a Suit – “Get You Back”
Tyler takes his dad to get his hair cut

Brain Tan – “Any Closer”
Farrah sorts products from her mom and daughter beauty line

Saint Motel – “Midnight Movies”
Farrah video chats her business partner about her beauty line

Prawn – “Settled”
Amber makes plans for her short visit with Leah

The Weather – “Teleprompter”
Gary voices his frustrations with Amber to his girlfriend

Vinyl Theatre – “Breaking Up My Bones”
Maci spends time with Bentley before she goes to Las Vegas

Anthem Academy – “Movin Up”
Tyler discusses upcoming bachelor plans with a friend

Austin Plaine – “Beautiful”
Amber hangs out with her cousin Krystal

Lights & Motion – “Light My Fire”
Farrah breaks down after being verbally denied from the White Party in the Hamptons

The Goodluck Assembly – “Iknowiknow”
Farrah is on her way to the White Party, despite being asked not to come

Redneck Social Club – “Rowdy Down South”
Maci, Taylor and friends spend the day at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas

Western Lows – “I Will”
End Montage

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