Music From Teen Mom: OG, Episode 11

Teen Mom: OG
Featured Artist: Saint Motel


We Shot The Moon – “The Sun”
Leah introduces her new baby girl, Jayde, to the show

Bearcat – “Live Loud”
Farrah regrets breaking up with her boyfriend Simon

Dinner and a Suit – “Everything That You Do”
Farrah meets up with Simon to talk things over

The Goodluck Assembly – “I Know I Know”
Bentley spends time with Ryan at Ryan’s parent’s house

A Yawn Worth Yelling – “Start Somewhere”
Maci talks to a friend about bettering her relationship with Ryan

Torches – “Voices”
Tyler’s dad, Butch, calls him the day before he gets out of prison

Beachcomber – “The Heat”
Farrah returns home from her meeting with Simon

Future of Forestry – “Chariots”
Tyler picks up his dad from prison

Prawn – “Settled”
Maci gets ready for a mud run despite Ryan running late

Anthem Academy ft. Julie Hardy – “You Never Know”
Maci and her team compete in the mud run

Anthem Academy – “Something New”
Farrah arrives in San Diego for a friend’s wedding, which Simon will also be attending

Young Girls – “Scene in Paraguay”
After the mud run, Maci talks about her disappointment in Ryan for not showing up

Widower – “Oh Catherine, My Catherine”
Maci and Ryan talk about the example his absence is setting for Bentley

The Goodluck Assembly – “Wait For Me”
Farrah spends time with Sophia at the San Diego Zoo

Saint Motel – “Ace in the Hole”
Later that night, Farrah meets up with Simon for dinner

Longfellow – “May The Light”
Tyler talks to his sister about their dad’s release from prison

Austin Plain – “Wait”
End Montage

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