Music from Teen Mom Episode 9 Season 4

Featured Artist: Plain Jane Automobile 

Teen Mom – Airdate: August 7, 2012

Fort Atlantic – This Is Not the Answer

(scene: Amber talks to her caseworker about going to an outpatient facility)

Haim Mazar – Truck Stop Romance

(scene: Catelynn and Tyler go to breakfast with Tyler’s sister and mother)

Ben Davis – Might Be Okay

(scene: Ryan comes to get Bentley)

One Pulse – If I Saw You

(scene: Daniel helps Ferrah by watching Sophia while she gets her homework done)

Plain Jane Automobile – Please Leave Quietly

(scene: Tyler’s father has his arraignment)

Shane Alexander – Keep You In Mind

(scene: Maci shows Bentley the new house)

Brad Byrd – Livewire

(scene: Amber talks to her friend about Leah not being at Gary’s mother’s house)

Grey Reverend – Everlasting Everything

(scene: Ferrah picks her mom up from the airport)

Marc Robillard – Wherever You Are

(scene: Catelynn talks to her mom about Tyler’s dad)

Shane Alexander – To Spaces In Between

(scene: End Montage)

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