Music from Teen Mom Episode 8 Season 4

Featured Artist: Built Like Alaska

Teen Mom – Airdate: July 31, 2012

Drew Holcomb – Baby Tomorrow

(scene: Ferrah drives home after taking Sophia horse back riding)

Michael Lowman – The One For You

(scene: Amber gets off the phone with Gary)

Paul Otten  – Today

(scene: Maci and her boyfriend go house hunting)

Bubba Kadane – Passing the Sun

(scene: Ferrah drives to school)

Meeting of Important People – Country Wife

(scene: Catelynn talks to her mother about the fight she got into)

Steve Emerson – If

(scene: Maci talks to her friend about buying a place with her boyfriend)

Luftshansia – Beneath Me

(scene: Maci talks to her mom about buying a house)

Built Like Alaska – The Saint Is Here

(scene: Tyler talks to Catelynn’s mom about his father)

Sunset Lion – The Fields of Nevermore

(scene: End Montage)

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