Music from Teen Mom Episode 7 Season 4

Featured Artist: Kyle James Hauser

Teen Mom – Airdate: July 24, 2012

Trans Mississippi Theatre – Submariner

(scene: Ferrah goes on a date)

Tally Hall – A Lady

(scene: Maci drops Bentley off at preschool)

Ainjel Emme – Straight to Hell

(scene: Tyler and Catelynn’s lay in bed and talk about Catelynn registering for classes)

Lonesome Animals – Burn

(scene: Amber talks to her counselor about leaving rehab)

The Thing About Rivals – Water Stone

(scene: Ferrah and her mother have dinner and talk)

State Shirt – Please Stop

(scene: Maci goes to pick Bentley from preschool)

Tim Cullen – Remember

(scene: Catelynn talks to her mother about school)

The Break Mission – Fight of Our Lives

(scene: Ryan gets Bentley from Maci)

The Trophy Fire – Hired Gun

(scene: Maci and her boyfriend talk about Ryan being irresponsible by not leaving in time to pick up Bentley from preschool)

Bubba Kadane – Chipping Away

(scene: Tyler takes his mom to get her hair done)

Kyle James Hauser – Life, Love and Pain

(scene: Ferrah goes horse back riding on a date)

Rioux – Everything You Need

(scene: End Montage)

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