Music from Teen Mom Episode 6 Season 4

Featured Artist: Jonathan Jones

Teen Mom – Airdate: July 17, 2012

Theft – And So It Goes

(scene: Gary talks to his mother about Amber)

Thom Flowers – Gibby

(scene: Tyler talks to his dad about not being allowed to stay with him)

Tim Cullen – Still

(scene: Maci takes Bentley to look at a preschool)

Thom Flowers – Slow Down

(scene: Maci talks to the director of operations at the preschool while Bentley plays with the kids)

Sebastian Robertson – Breaking Bad Habits

(scene: Maci watches Bentley play with the other kids at the preschool)

Joe Kennedy – Fading Away

(scene: Amber ends her hypnotherapy session)

Jonathan Jones – Last Place

(scene: End oh Show Montage)

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