Music from Teen Mom Episode 11 Season 4

Featured Artist: Marc Robillard

Teen Mom – Airdate: August 21, 2012

George Byrne – Wish

(scene: Gary and Amber talk about daycare)

Vicious Vicious (Feat. Darren Jackson) – Girl, What’s Your Name

(scene: Amber drops Leah off with Gary)

Marc Robillard – Contagious

(scene: Amber and Gary talk about Gary taking custody of Leah)

Matt Moberg – Minnesota Man

(scene: Ferrah spends her last night in Miami with Sophia)

Castle Project – A Million People

(scene: Amber gets into a fight with her mother)

Marc Robillard – Wherever You Are

(scene: Ferrah drops her mother and Sophia off at the airport)

Holiday Parade – Gone

(scene: End Montage)

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