Music from Teen Mom Episode 10 Season 4

Featured Artist: Theft

Teen Mom – Airdate: August 14, 2012

Pete Kilpatrick – Apartment

(scene: Amber looks for a new house)

Motherland – Your Bright Blue Eyes

(scene: Ferrah and Daniel have dinner with Daniel’s parents)

Brad Byrd – Train Tracks

(scene: Ferrah tells Daniel’s parents that she would like to have another child)

Marc Robillard – Ok

(scene: Maci has a garage sale)

Ratham Stone – I Left Love

(scene: Ferrah and Daniel talk about the future of their relationship)

Lonesome Animals – Where You Are

(scene: Catelynn and Ryan email their child’s foster parents)

Grey Reverend – Road Less Traveled

(scene: Catelynn and Ryan get advice about school)

Theft – We Can Try

(scene: Ryan talks to his parents about Maci)

City and Colour – Waiting

(scene: End Montage)

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