Music from Teen Mom Episode 10, Season 3

(artist: Ian Love)

Teen Mom – Airdate: September 6, 2011

Ian Love – Shaken

(scene: Maci tries to register for school and Kyle crashes on his motorcycle)

All Wrong and the Plans Change – Weighted

(scene: Farrah Changes her dog’s diaper)

The Colorful Quiet – 42 Days

(scene: Maci takes a break from taking care of everyone)

Jenni Alpert – Sweet Talk

(scene: Amber’s mom picks up Leah to bring home)

Heavy Young Heathens – Mr. Denton On Doomsday

(scene: Maci gets ready to go to school)

Tha Vill – Ride It

(scene: Tyler and Catelynn dance at the club)

Shane Bartelli – Don’t Believe Everything

(scene: Farrah takes Sophia to the Beach)

Automatic Empire – Golden Haze

(scene: Amber’s mom brings Leah home to Amber’s house)

Lennon Sloane – Bigger Than Us

(Show Ending)

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