Music from Teen Mom 3 Episode 7

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Featured Artist: The Forecast

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The Forecast “Last Stand” – Free Download (right click to save)

The Fieros “Comeback” – Free Download (right click to save)

Teen Mom 3 – Airdate: September 30, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face


Sea of Bees – Give

(Scene Opening: Alex is teaching a dance class then we cut to her giving Arabella a bath)

Steve Emerson – Your’s and Mine

(scene: Briana leaves Kinder Music with her sister and Nova)

Aidan Hawken – If Something’s Wrong

(End Scene: Mackenzie talks to her friend while her baby plays in the pool)

The Fieros – Comeback

(scene: Alex gets a tattoo)

The Seams – You and Me

(scene: Matt goes to meet with his case manager)

The Donnies The Amys – Oh Man

(scene: Mackenzie and Josh talk about going to rodeo and cheer competitions for each other)

Window View – 139

(scene: Briana and her mother talk about their court case)

The Forecast – Last Stand

(scene: Alex talks to her grandparents)

Oliver Trolley – Shake This Storm

(scene: Katie plays with Molli)

Tim Cullen – Starlight

(Scene Opening: Briana talks to Nova)

Hearts and Daggers – Been A While

(scene: Katie and Joey talk about moving to Utah)

One Pulse – The Heart I have

(scene: Mackenzie talks to her parents about breaking up with Josh)

Halogen Hills – The Atlantic

(Closing Montage)

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