Music from Teen Mom 3 Episode 6

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Featured Artist: Shane Alexander

Teen Mom 3 – Airdate: September 23, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face


Automatic Empire – A New Day
(Scene Opening: Mackenzie explains that Josh wants to get back into bull riding)
Tan Vampires – Fortunes Wheel
(scene: Alex’s mom finds her basement messed up after Matt moved out)
Shane Alexander – Ripe
(scene: Devoin comes over to play with Nova)
Emile Millar – Heartbreak
(scene: Joey comes home and eats)
Andrew Paley – Beyond and More
(scene: Matt comes over to Alex’s house to clean up the basement)
Joe Kennedy – December
(scene: Briana calls Devoin and invites him over so that she can tell him she doesn’t want him in Nova’s life)
Luftshansia  – Loosing Hope
(scene: Briana’s mother gets into a very heated fight with Devoin)
Tim Cullen – Undecided
(scene: Briana, her mother, and her sister meet with the cops to serve Devoin with the injunction)
If These Trees Could Talk – From Roots to Needles
(scene: Devoin is served with the injunction)

Heavenly Wires – Power Is A Trick

(Closing Montage)

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