Music from Teen Mom 3 Episode 4

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Featured Artist: Matthew Mayfield

Teen Mom 3 – Airdate: September 9, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face


Middle Distance Runner – What A Woman Wants

(scene: Mackenzie farts in her friends car)

Greycoats – Prometheus, Glow!

(scene: Mackenzie goes shopping for prom dresses)

Twin Atlantic – Better Weather

(scene: Katie calls her friend to talk about her fight with Joey)

Built Like Alaska – John Henry

(scene: Joey talks to his step-dad about going to therapy)

Yael Meyer – Backbone

(scene: Matt walks with his friend and tells him that he meet another girl)

Yael Meyer – Will They Forget

(scene: Briana talks to her mom about how unfair she thinks it is that Devoin doesn’t have to pay for any of the baby proofing)

Wintersleep – Hum

(scene: Brianna and her mother talk about baby proofing the house)

Built Like Alaska – The Union Song

(scene: Matt comes to watch the baby while Alex goes to work at the dance studio)

The Donnies The Amys – Heart Attacked

(scene: Mackenzie and her sister talk about Prom)

Matthew Mayfield – Ain’t Much More to Say

(scene: Katie and Joey talk to a therapist)

The Longwalls – Where Things Go to Fade

(Scene Opening: Mackenzie and Matt take pictures before prom)

Dave Thomas Junior – This Is Really Happening

(Scene Opening: Joe, his dad, and Katie move furniture into the apartment)

See the World – Losing to Win

(scene: Joe and Katie unpack and talk about their relationship)

What’s Fair – Beg Me

(End Scene: Briana, her sister, and mother talk about their expectations of Devon)

Soporus – Fukushuma

(scene: Alex’s mom talks to her after her fight)

Colourist – Fair Weather Friends

(scene: Alex continues talking)

Magnets and Ghosts – Hold On

(Closing Montage)

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