Music from Teen Mom 3 Episode 3

Barcelona teen mom 3

Featured Artist: Barcelona

Teen Mom 3 – Airdate: September 2, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face


Queensland – Road Runner

(scene: Scene Opening: Josh comes over to help Mackenzie with Gannon)

Melpo Mene – Prices To Pay

(scene: Devoin comes over to see Nova and talk to Briana)

Jay Nash  – Hang Around

(scene: Briana gives Nova a bath)

Jamie Candiloro – The Epic

(scene: Briana receives a text from Devon saying he will watch Nova for an hour)

Sea of Bees – Leaving

(scene: Scene Opening: Mackenzie goes to visit Victoria to talk to her about birth control)

Aiden Hawken – Innocent

(scene: Scene Opening: Katie and Joey sign their lease, and Katie gets a call from Joey’s friend telling her Joey owes him money)

Sea of Bees – Teeth

(scene: End Scene: Briana talks to her friend about leaving Devon alone to watch Nova)

Barcelona – Evermore

(scene: Scene Opening Mackenzie goes to the doctor to talk about birth control)

Ian Love – Been Around

(scene: Devon comes over to watch Nova)

The Donnies the Amys – Up and Down

(scene: End Scene: Devon watches Nova while Briana, her sister, and her mom wait in the car outside)

No – Long Haul

(scene: Devon tends to Nova while she is crying)

Benjamin Leftwhich – Atlas Hands

(Closing Montage)

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