Music from Teen Mom 3: Episode 13

Teen Mom 3

Featured Artist: Plain Jane Automobile


Tim CullenFace
Theme Song

Thom FlowersStreetlights
Scene: Alex talks about having to repeat her senior year.

Hearts and DaggersFor All The Luck
Scene: Katie’s sister watches Molli while Katie gets her nails done.

Jonathan IncLong Gone
Scene: Katie talks to her friend about Molli’s birthday party.

John NeilsenSpoon
Scene: Mackenzie talks to her friends about her relationship with Josh.

Act As IfYou’ll Be Alright
Scene: Katie calls Joey to talk about Molli’s party, but they end up fighting.

CivaliasWe’ve Got Company
Scene: Katie gets a text from Joey saying he will go to Utah with her.

Kickstand BandBaby Pictures
Scene: Briana throws a birthday party for Nova and Devoin shows up.

The Lancaster OrchestraIt’s Over
Scene: Josh breaks up with Mackenzie.

Scene: Alex waits for Matt at the park and he doesn’t show up.

Plain Jane AutomobileStones
Scene: Katie and Joey are in the car on their way to Salt Lake City.

A Lanky SwedeYellow Lights
Closing Montage

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