Music from Teen Mom 3: Episode 11

Teen Mom 3

Featured Artist: The Balconies

Album Cover

Tim CullenFace
Theme Song

Scene: Alex talks to her friend about going out to meet boys.

East HundredThis Year
Scene: Mackenzie’s mom leaves for her trip with her church.

The Mary DreamWhen We Are
Scene: Katie and her mom talk about Joey.

City And ColourSorrowing Man
Scene: Joey gives Katie a letter that says he’s seeing someone else.

BlackchordsDay I Die
Scene: Katie cries in the car after reading the letter Joey gave her.

A Minor SwoonShaken By The Resistance
Scene: Alex listens to the voicemail from Matt

Emile MillarNothin’ Like Sunday
Scene: Mackenzie struggles to keep things in order while her mom is gone.

Amber PacificForever
Scene: Briana’s sister talks to her about her boyfriend.

Ian Bennett: Sun Put You To Bed
Scene: Briana gets a call from Jacob asking her to go to dinner with him.

The Balconies300 Pages
Scene: Katie calls her mom after getting into a fight with Joey

Tim CullenDriven
Scene: Alex and her friend talk to some boys after the show.

Luftshansia: Stolen Dream
Scene: Alex gets pizza with her friends after the show.

Luftshansia: Bleeding Heart
Scene: Mackenzie leaves with Josh after getting into a fight with her parents.

City and ColourForgive Me
Scene: Closing Montage

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