Music from Teen Mom 3: Episode 10

Teen Mom 3

Featured Artist: Late Tuesday

Late Tuesday

Tim CullenFace
Theme Song

Jordan Klassen: Goodhart’s Law
Scene: Katie talks to her friend about her relationship with Joey.

GreycoatsLa Resistance
Scene: Briana goes with her friends to meet up with her mom and sister for her birthday dinner.

Paper MoonCambridge Canal
Briana’s mom and sister talk about Briana in the car on their way to the restaurant.

In-Flight SafetyModel Homes
Briana’s mom, sister and friends celebrate her birthday in a restaurant.

Angel Island: What It Means, Where It All Comes From
Scene: Briana and her friends leave the restaurant.

Andrew BelleSigns of Life
Scene: Alex and her mom talk about Matt.

Automatic EmpireHolding You Back
Scene: Katie and Joey break up.

The RocketboysTime Is A Devil
Scene: Alex explains in a voice over that she’s talking to another guy.

TaylrFirst Kiss
Scene: Briana and her friends get ready to go to a club.

Scene: Katie tries to call Joey, but he doesn’t answer.

Thieves and VillainsSome May Call It Rain
Scene: Mackenzie and her friends are camping.

Paper MoonWalking Sun
Scene: Alex plays mini-golf with her friends and the new guy she’s talking to.


Late TuesdayBest for You
Scene: Katie talks to her friend about Joey.

See The World: By A String
Scene: Briana and her friends drive home.

Kami Rae: Walking Sun
Scene: Briana tells her mom about going to the club.

Ruu CampbellInvisible Man
Scene: Mackenzie calls her mom and tells her Josh isn’t home.

The Seams: This Feeling
Scene: Alex and her sister drive home after playing mini golf.

Scene: Closing Montage

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