Music from Teen Mom 2: Season 5 Premiere

Teen Mom 2

Featured Artist: Broken Anchor

Broken Anchor


Tim Cullen – “Face”
Theme song

Broken Anchor – “Never Leave Me Alone”
Chelsea says she got her GED.

Bootstraps – “Revel”
Chelsea tells her dad about Adam’s new baby.

Our Griffins – “The Halo”
Leah and her friend go to the living room to talk.

The Blues and Greys – “Secrets to Shadows”
Opening montage of Jenelle

The Na Na Na’s – “Midnight Candlelight”
Jenelle’s friend comes over and they go for a walk.

The Helionauts – “Down to Up”
Corey takes the girls from Leah’s house.

Black Swan Runners – “Smart Kids”
Kailyn picks up Isaac.

Queensland – “Quiet Gentleman”
Kailyn drops off Isaac at Jo’s house.

Accents – “Storms”
Jenelle talks to her mom about abortion.

Hearts and Daggers – “Dead Letters”
Chelsea and Adam argue in the restaurant, and Adam walks out.

Heavenly Wires – “Try to Forget”
Jenelle and her mom drive to get her abortion.

The Trophy Fire – “Young Blood”
Chelsea talks to her mom about Adam.

Courtney Marie Andrews – “Songs for Tourists”
Chelsea finishes her conversation with her mom.

Isbells – “Time’s Ticking”
Ending Montage

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