Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 9

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: The Rassle

The Rassle – Shake
Briana and Devoin spend time with Nova before her birthday.

Mizzi – Let’s Go
Leah adjusts to life in her new house after the flood.

Dojo for Crooks – W-I-L-D
Lincoln and Isaac attend a karate class.

TEAM – On My Way
Chelsea and the kids spend time at her mom’s house.

The Mowgli’s – I Feel Good About This
Jenelle and Barbara talk about Jace’s father.

STAL – Jump With Me
Kailyn picks the kids up from school.

Boxers – The Best Night Yet
Javi and Lauren talk about Kailyn.

The Frills – Drunk Girls, Drunk Boys
Briana talks to a producer about Devoin coming on their family trip.

Zayde Wolf – Won’t Ever Let You Go
Leah gets the girls’ report cards.

Alma Mater – Going All In
Chelsea gets ready for Aubree’s school dance.

Chris Arena – Kids
Jace’s dad talks to his friend in NYC.

Wylder – Bitter
Briana gets Nova ready for her dental surgery.

Family of the Year – The Coast
Briana’s mom drives them to the dentist.

Burnside and Gonzales – Not a Chance
Jenelle takes the kids to a jump house.

Adam Agin – Workin’ On Better Days
Cole takes care of the babies all by himself.

Silverman Brothers – Old Soul
Nova undergoes surgery.

Northern Faces – Finding Hope
End Montage



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