Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 5

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Wylder

SNSHWR – Bleed Me Dry
Briana facetimes John.

Zayde Wolf – Won’t Ever Let You Go
Briana and her friend talk about their upcoming camping trip.

Elijah and the Grapes – Sleep in Trees
Kailyn comes home from Texas to get Isaac ready for 3rd grade.

Northern Faces – When I’m With You
Chelsea picks Aubree up from school.

Wylder – Sunstroke
Chelsea and the kids go to her mom’s house.

Frills – Weakness
Jenelle picks up Kaiser from Nathan.

The Years – Fell Asleep Dreaming
Barbara talks to a producer about her current relationship with Jenelle.

The Silverman Brothers – Digital Heartbeat
Briana talks to her mom about her camping trip with John.

Jared Minnix – Into The Wild
Briana and her friend head to the airport.

Jules Larson – Can’t Handle It
John meets Briana’s friend.

War – Lost Cause
Kailyn’s friend comes over to her house.

Boxers – Get Up And Walk On
Leah drives Ali home from physical therapy.

Arkivist – Ghost
Leah attempts to clean up the water damage to her house.

Hills X Hills – You Feel Like Home
Chelsea and Cole go to the hospital.

Anthem Academy – This Is Our Moment
Briana and her friends get to the campsite.

Kid Something – What Are You Waiting For
Briana and her friends play charades.

Red Red Lips – Let Me Be Wild
Briana and her friends go kayaking.

Family of the Year – Hold Me Down
Kailyn calls her half-sister.

Frills – Real Love, That’s Right
Leah picks out new carpet for her house.

Onders – Like The Kids Do
Briana talks to her friend about John.

Danny Ayer & Mags Duval – Love (Is A Funny Thing)
Briana and John talk about their relationship.

The Fresh Preps – Do We Let Go (Waiting)
End Montage.


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