Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 4

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Family of the Year

The New Schematics – Automatic
Aubree talks to Chelsea and Cole about starting school.

Family of the Year – Latchkey Kids
Leah talks to Jason about Ali’s next doctor appointment.

Nick Burke – Face in the Crowd
Kailyn talks to her friend about reaching out to her estranged mom.

Wylder – Swells
Chelsea gets Aubree ready for her first day of school.

Moving Castles – All Roads Lead To You
Chelsea gives Aubree a hug before she leaves for school.

Anthem Academy – Growing Pains
Leah and Ali drive to the doctor’s office.

The Silverman Brothers – Digital Heartbeat
Kailyn talks about her upcoming hairline with her friend.

Onders – Rebel
Briana visits her new boyfriend in New York.

Clouds & Thorns – Whole Lot To Love
Chelsea picks Aubree up from school.

Northern Faces – Yesterday
Jenelle meets with her mom to talk about her recent altercation with David.

Zayde Wolf – Billionaires
Kailyn records her podcast with Catelynn and Tyler from Teen Mom OG.

Summer Gold – Don’t Take Me Home
End Montage.

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