Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 30

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Pete + Sara

WOAH BABE –  Waves
Leah supports hier sister at divorce court.

DBMK – What a Day To Lose My Mind
Leah hears the results of her sister’s court ruling.

aReverie – Reconstruct
Kailyn talks to her friend about her difficult decision.

The Palms – Maybe Tomorrow
Jade celebrates her birthday with family.

Carmen Justice – Kill My Vibe
Briana talks to her family about her relationship with John.

TRALA – Pray
Briana explains that she talked to John after his hospital visit.

Pictures of the Sun – At a Loss
Leah and Jeremy talk about their relationship.

ENZI – I’m Sorry That I
Briana visits John in New York.

Julianne Hope – Oxygen
Jade second guesses kicking Sean out of her house.

Dawn & Hawkes – Horizon Line
Kailyn takes her dog to the vet.

Pete + Sara – It Turns Out
End Montage.

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