Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 29

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Lexxi Saal

Bloom & The Bliss –  Gonna Be a Good Day
Cole takes Aubree and her friends to a ninja class for her birthday.

Breakup –  Be With You
Jade gives Sean a haircut.

Yam Haus –  Carry Me Home
Briana talks about seeing Luis for the first time in months.

Red Red Lips –  Get Bold (Here We Go)
Kailyn’s boys play outside at their new house.

Seryn –  The Fire
Chelsea and Cole spend time at her dad’s cabin.

LakeCube –  Eyes Wide Open
Briana sends Luis money.

Lena Dove –  Can’t Be Stopped
Jade and her cousin go shopping.

DBMK –  Hearts Cam
Kailyn and Leah get ready for the VMAs.

Koley –  Keep On Giving Love
Chelsea and Cole meet friends for a double date.

Lexxi Saal –  Keep Running
End Montage.

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