Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 27

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

Yam Haus –  Groovin’ (That Feel Good Song)
Chelsea brings Layne to the boutique to look at new designs.

Tim Halperin –  Ready To Go
Leah is releived when Ali says she wants to go back to camp next year.

Chair Model –  Fancy
Devoin comes over to see Nova.

Yeah Yeah, Sure Sure –  Keep Me Guessing
Kailyn tries to keep the house surprise from the boys.

Leucadia –  Ready To Fly
Jade takes Kloie to the park.

Chelsea and her family take pictures for Layne’s 1st birthday.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard –  Love Forever
Chelsea shares the cake with their pig.

Red Red Lips –  Have a Good Time
Brianna takes Nova out after her first day of school.

STONE –  Now
Kailyn closes on the house.

Communist Daughter –  Beach Stalker
Kailyn goes over to the new house.

GHOSTAS –  Think of Me
Cole picks up Aubree from school.

Koley –  Sway, Sway, Sway
Briana and her sister talk about moving.

Jowi –  Until I Find You
End Montage.

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