Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 25

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Yam Haus

Roses & Revolutions –  White Wave
Jade’s mom takes care of Kloie.

Bikini Trill –  Chapo Howl
Leah and her family arrive in Maui.

Yam Haus –  Stargazer
Chelsea and her kids arrive at a boutique for a photo shoot.

Red Red Lips –  We Do What We Like
Briana and her family set up for Stella’s birthday party.

Laura Reed –  Start It Up
Briana and her friends & family celebrate Stella’s 2nd birthday.

Jay Denton –  Growing Up
Leah explains her relationship with Jeremy to Aleeah.

TRALA –  Talk, Talk, Talk
Jade is late to school after dropping Kloie off at daycare.

The Palms –  So Pretty
Kailyn unpacks from Hawaii.

Foreign Diplomats –  Adopted Hometown
Briana drops John off at the airport.

Biz Coletti –  Without You
End Montage.


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