Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 23

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Stevie Kin

MIZZI –  Girl Power
Leah’s daughters go through her phone.

7th Heaven – Wonderful World
Kailyn tells Lux to stop picking his nose.

Faceless Arctic Hare – Until It’s Over
Briana returns from her trip to the Dominican Republic with John.

Clouds and Thorns – Every Heart
Chelsea and her family are excited about their new land purchase.

The Rassle –  Block Island
Leah’s family is enjoying their vacation in Florida.

Ships Have Sailed –  Let’s Just Dance
Kailyn and her kids walk their dogs.

Pretty Bear –  Highs and Lows
Nova is excited to see her dad.

Misael Gauna – Some Day
Devoin has a heart to heart talk with Nova.

Way Way Okay! –  The Future
Chelsea and her mom attend Aubrey’s softball game.

Foreign Diplomats –  Tender Night
Kailyn and Leah talk on the phone.

SHEE –  Fly
Briana comes home from work.

Honoraries ft. Chance Pena –  Crossing Oceans
Leah picks the girls up from school.

7th & Hope –  Luh Luh Love It
Leah calls Jeremy.

Go Mordecai! –  I Will Find My Way Back Home
Chelsea and Cole sign paperwork to confirm the purchase of their land.

Stevie Kin –  Tough
End Montage.


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