Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 22

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Marina City

Marina City –  Strawberry
Chelsea waits to hear if her offer on the land gets accepted.

Wild Songs – Midnight Game
Briana has lunch with her friend to talk about Luis.

Arrows & Bullets – My Someday
Leah and her family arrive at their vacation home in Florida.

Nick Fradiani – Nothing to Prove
Kailyn grabs lunch with Jo’s wife, Vee.

Arms Akimbo –  Ghost
Jade talks to her cousin about her latest fight with Sean.

FRILLS –  Drunks Girls, Drunk Boys
Chelsea, Cole, and their family head to a Pride parade.

Blinq –  Get It Done
The family watch the parade.

Layup –  One of a Kind
Briana and Luis go ziplining in the Dominican Republic.

Burnside and Gonzales –  Not a Chance
Kailyn takes the boys to Jiu-Jitsu class.

Laura Reed –  Start It Up
Chelsea and her family celebrate pride at the park.

Lena Dov –  Down No
Briana’s mom takes care of the kids while Briana’s away.

Crystal –  Games
Jade talks to the police before meeting with Sean.

TAIINA –  Pick It Up
End Montage.


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