Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 2

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Escondido

The New Schematics – All In
Leah and the girls spend time at her new boyfriend’s house.

Chair Model – Do It
Barbara picks Jace up from school.

Zayde Wolf – Take a Look At This
Kailyn facetimes her friend to talk about Javi’s new girlfriend.

Layup – One of a Kind
Aubrey does a Crossfit for kids with Chelsea’s dad.

Alma Mater – Gonna Make It
Javi and his girlfriend teach Isaac and Lincoln how to ride a bike.

Red Red Lips – Best of the Best
Briana meets her friend for lunch to talk about Stella’s birthday.

Escondido – Uh Huh
Corey has a picnic with the girls.

Nicholas Roberts – Growing Up
Chelsea visits with her mom.

Northern Faces – Yesterday
Jenelle and Barbara talk about meeting with Jace’s dad.

WILD – Here We Go
Javi and his girlfriend take their dogs on a walk.

Clouds and Thorns – Whole Lot To Love
End Montage.



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