Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 19

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Harrison Storm

Animal Island –  Drive All Night
Nova and Devoin have a slow dance at the Father Daughter dance.

Red Red Lips –  Feel Good Real Good
Chelsea plays with her family at home.

GHOSTAS – Hands Up
Jade shows Sean her new car.

Brother Elsey – Drive
Jade is worried that Sean’s job is distracting from his rehab.

Shannon LaBrie –  Bloom
Kailyn facetimes with a friend.

Bloom & The Bliss –  Write a New Story
Devoin makes dinner for Nova.

The Mowgli’s – Hard to Love
Leah, her sister, and Jeremy hang out in New York.

Way Way OK –  Running (Can’t Stop Me Now)
Jade gets Kloie ready in the morning before she goes to school.

Bagsy –  What I Want
Chelsea and Cole take Aubree to a concert.

Crystal –  All of These Thoughts
Aubree tells Chelsea she wants to talk to a therapist.

Flyers –  Dreaming
Kailyn arrives in Mexico with her kids.

Harrison Storm –  Meet Me There
Briana takes Nova home from Devoin’s house.

Free Zuma –  Under the Lights
Jade and Sean get ready to celebrate their 4-year anniversary.

The Maine –  Broken Parts
End Montage.


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