Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 18

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Wasi

Flyers –  Dreaming
Briana drops Nova off at Devoin’s house.

TEAM –  I Like It
Chelsea gets Aubree ready for the father/daughter dance.

Brain Tan – Trampoline
Kailyn takes her boys to get a haircut.

The Years – Fell Asleep Dreaming
Leah meets Jeremy at his house so they can take Addie to the ER.

Adison –  Inhale
Leah, Jeremy, and Addie arrive at the hospital.

Northern Faces –  Dark Days
Jenelle travels home from Florida.

Clouds & Thorns –  Where Will We Go Today
Nova returns from Devoin’s house.

Chris Arena –  Kids
Leah, Jeremy, and Addie leave the hospital.

Wasi –  Pseudo Halo
Kailyn talks to her kids during dinner.

Fake French –  Be Positive
Kailyn facetimes her friend.

Wesley Jensen –  The Penny Arcade
Briana and her family get ready for their family photoshoot.

Heartbreak Kid –  Coming Alive
Briana is disappointed that Luis hasn’t confirmed his attendance.

Zayde Wolf –  Breathing Oxygen
Chelsea talks about taking medication for anxiety.

Animal Island –  Live Outside
Briana and her family get their pictures taken.

Nicholas Roberts –  Diamonds
Briana and her family go out to eat after their photoshoot.

Drawing North –  Piece of the Light
Leah talks to her sister about the recent health issues with Addie.

Honoraries –  Carry On
End Montage.



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