Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 9, Episode 15

Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: TWIN XL


The Mowgli’s –  Hard To Love
Cole takes Aubrey and Watson tubing while on vacation.

Koley –  Keep On Giving Love
Chelsea talks to her friend about meeting new mom friends.

Parks  –  Headache
Leah and Jason talk to her kids.

Memory Fields –  Bright Lights Big City
Chelsea, her friend, and their kids play in the snow.

Cards –  Periphery
Briana introduces John to her family.

TWIN XL –  Friends
Kailyn helps her sister set up for her baby shower.

Ghostas –  On Top of the World
Kailyn’s sister celebrates her baby shower with family and friends.

Sleeptalk –  Strange Nights
Leah makes hot chocolate for the girls and Jason.



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